AlterEgo: Full Performance Facial Motion-Capture for Character Animation
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Conceived out of a passion for compelling and emotive digital characters, AlterEgo is the facial performance division of award-winning animation studio, Pendulum

The AlterEgo team is focused on developing solutions and providing services that facilitate the highest caliber of facial performance animation for the film, broadcast, and interactive entertainment markets. AlterEgo is also the name of the studio's proprietary facial performance software... and part of a leading-edge turn-key solution for character development, motion-capture, and full performance character animation.

Our innovative process delivers exceptional results at remarkable speeds, allowing vast amounts of facial mo-cap data to be transformed into extremely realistic and accurate facial animation!

(See Client & Projects for up-to-date demos and examples of AlterEgo in production)


Mark Antony facial-animation
Can Digital Actors Act? Click here for an article on AlterEgo,
its history and the making of the Mark Antony project.

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Mar Antony blend shapes

Click here to expand and to see stills from the Mark Antony project.

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AlterEgo: Full Performance Facial Motion-Capture for Character Animation